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Counting Our Achievements As They Hatch

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Nick Barron

Jul 15 2021

3 mins read


This week, I finished a short story that I started in January. It’s only 1,770 words, and it took me 27 weeks or so to do it. Oh, and the story still has editing and revision ahead of it. But I got a first draft done, and I’m celebrating that achievement.

Many of you completed the readership survey I sent right after you subscribed to this email. (If you didn’t, you still can.) And some of you emailed me directly. Two common themes are that we lack confidence in our writing, and we feel like we have trouble finishing what we start.

In other words, if you lack confidence and think you can't complete projects, you’re not alone. Many of us dance with the devils of incompletion and doubt.

So, let’s try to count our victories when and where they hatch. Doing so may boost our self-esteem and hush the voice of doubt inside us.

What’s something you’re proud of achieving recently in your writing? Maybe you finished a chapter or wrote in your journal for the first time in a while. Whatever it is, I’d love to hear about it. You can let me know by replying to this email.

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