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Writing Is Not Location Dependent

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Nick Barron

Jul 08 2021

4 mins read


Last weekend, my husband and I were in New York City for our first time since March 2020, right before lockdown, mobile morgues, and pot banging

The experience enlivened me, causing me to think mean things about where we call home, Washington, D.C.

If we lived in New York, I told myself, my writing career would explode. I’d have artist friends and join a writing group. I’d explore new writing forms, build relationships with literary agents and publishers, and maybe even go to book launch parties. 

These thoughts are, as they say, where I’m from in Missouri, hogwash. In all the writing advice I’ve read, not once do I recall seeing someone say you must live in New York City to write.  

Stephen King wrote his first published novel, Carrie, while living in a trailer in Maine he shared with his wife, Tabitha, and their two small children. King’s never lived in New York. (But I imagine he’s been invited to plenty of book launch parties.)

While it may be fun for me to spend a weekend imagining living in New York, pinning my writing tail on that donkey is just making excuses. 

Writing is not location-dependent. Wherever we are is where we can write.


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Till Next Time

Alright, that should keep you busy until next week.

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